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Founded in 2020, our latest service provide a one stop creator and branding hub for our clients both online and offline.


Arch Technology aims are to provide the best advertising and affiliate marketing structure for clients and content creator. Living in a modern lifestyle technology are almost infuse with our day to day life.

Arch Creator Hub allows everyone / anyone to become a influencer, no matter how much followers you have, Creators will be able to choose what sort of Marketing campaign they would like to approach, the better the results the better the outcome.

sign up and start your first campaign now. 

Arch 創作者註冊


Arch Technology的目標是為客戶和內容創建者提供最佳的廣告和會員營銷結構。

現代生活中的社交媒體幾乎注入了我們的日常生活。 Arch Creator Hub目標想將所有人或任何人都可以成為有宣傳及影響力的人,無論您有多少追隨者,Creator hub都將能夠選擇他們想採取的營銷活動


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